Factory IDwpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_smg_large
NameThe Bigger the Better Suppressor
Stat Indices
Spread (Moving)2
Alert Size12
Weapons List
1CAR-4 Rifle
2Lion's Roar Rifle
3Swedish K Submachine Gun
4KSP 58 Light Machine Gun
5Kross Vertex Submachine Gun
6Queen's Wrath Rifle
7M308 Rifle
8RPK Light Machine Gun
9Jacket's Piece
10Clarion Rifle
11UAR Rifle
12Golden AK.762 Rifle
13Eagle Heavy Rifle
14Akimbo Krinkov Submachine Guns
15Chicago Typewriter Submachine Gun
16Jackal Submachine Gun
17AK5 Rifle
18Blaster 9mm Submachine Gun
19Uzi Submachine Gun
20Krinkov Submachine Gun
21Akimbo Compact-5 Submachine Guns
22Mark 10 Submachine Gun
23Commando 553 Rifle
24Cavity 9mm
25Cobra Submachine Gun
26Galant Rifle
27Buzzsaw 42 Light Machine Gun
28SpecOps Submachine Gun
29Gewehr 3 Rifle
30CMP Submachine Gun
31Tatonka Submachine Gun
32Falcon Rifle
33CR 805B Submachine Gun
34MP40 Submachine Gun
35AK17 Rifle
36Signature SMG
37AK Rifle
38Gecko 7.62 Rifle
39AK.762 Rifle
40Akimbo Signature SMG
41Para Submachine Gun
42Patchett L2A1 Submachine Gun
43Bootleg Rifle
44Compact-5 Submachine Gun
45Little Friend 7.62 Assault Rifle
46KSP Light Machine Gun
47JP36 Rifle
48Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun
49Akimbo Heather Submachine Guns
50AMCAR Rifle
51Kobus 90 Submachine Gun
52Heather Submachine Gun
53AMR-16 Rifle
54Micro Uzi Submachine Gun

Raw Json
{"item_id":"wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_smg_large","category":"weapon_mods","stats":{"General":{"header":"General","rows":[["Factory ID","wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_smg_large",null],["Name","The Bigger the Better Suppressor",null],["Type","barrel_ext",null],["Sub-Type","silencer",null]]},"Stat Indices":{"header":"Stat Indices","rows":[["Damage",-1,null],["Spread",2,null],["Spread (Moving)",2,null],["Recoil",1,null],["Concealment",-3,null],["Suppression",12,null],["Alert Size",12,null],["Value",5,null]]}},"graphs":[],"tables":{"Weapons List":{"type":"array","header":"Weapons List","data":[{"name":"Weapons","value":["CAR-4 Rifle","Lion's Roar Rifle","Swedish K Submachine Gun","KSP 58 Light Machine Gun","Kross Vertex Submachine Gun","Queen's Wrath Rifle","M308 Rifle","RPK Light Machine Gun","Jacket's Piece","Clarion Rifle","UAR Rifle","Golden AK.762 Rifle","Eagle Heavy Rifle","Akimbo Krinkov Submachine Guns","Chicago Typewriter Submachine Gun","Jackal Submachine Gun","AK5 Rifle","Blaster 9mm Submachine Gun","Uzi Submachine Gun","Krinkov Submachine Gun","Akimbo Compact-5 Submachine Guns","Mark 10 Submachine Gun","Commando 553 Rifle","Cavity 9mm","Cobra Submachine Gun","Galant Rifle","Buzzsaw 42 Light Machine Gun","SpecOps Submachine Gun","Gewehr 3 Rifle","CMP Submachine Gun","Tatonka Submachine Gun","Falcon Rifle","CR 805B Submachine Gun","MP40 Submachine Gun","AK17 Rifle","Signature SMG","AK Rifle","Gecko 7.62 Rifle","AK.762 Rifle","Akimbo Signature SMG","Para Submachine Gun","Patchett L2A1 Submachine Gun","Bootleg Rifle","Compact-5 Submachine Gun","Little Friend 7.62 Assault Rifle","KSP Light Machine Gun","JP36 Rifle","Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun","Akimbo Heather Submachine Guns","AMCAR Rifle","Kobus 90 Submachine Gun","Heather Submachine Gun","AMR-16 Rifle","Micro Uzi Submachine Gun"]}]}}}